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Made from Porcher® UV proof paraglider ripstop nylon. The HobbyKing® ™ Paraglider Parachute is lightweight and rigid, just like the real thing!
It's special design is modelled on a full size paraglider, with stiffer internal ribbing to keep the foil open in turns and at low speeds.
This parafoil is a high quality item, built with care to ensure it will fly.
You can build a powered or non powered gondola to fly with this parafoil.
A typical power system is a 35-30 size motor with a 2200mAh 3S battery.
Take a look at the videos tab below to see this foil in action.
Width: 195cm
Length: 54cm
Weight: 190g
Material: (Ribs: Skytex 40, Cover: Skytex 27)

Porcher®, a registered trademark of Porcher Industries, France.
Please take note of your foils angle-of-attack (AOA) when setting up your paraglider for it's first flight. See the sub picture below for details.
A parafoil takes work, patience and understanding to fly. Please don't expect you will be flying in 5 minutes of receiving the parcel. You must understand how parafoils work and most importantly, Angle Of Attack (AOA).
This foil will fly well with great glide performance when set up correctly with an appropriate gondola. See forums for more details.

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